Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Two new Young Adult novels you have to read!

Young Adult book releases in October 2016 

October has been an absolutely great month for book releases and especially ones from the Young Adult genre. Because it's Halloween you might expect some scary stories that creep you out, one way or the other, and rest assured the following new YA releases offer not only that but a lot more.

The Lovely Reckless - Kami Garcia

We get to know 17-year-old Frankie Devereux who would do anything to leave the past behind her. Especially the death of her last boyfriend which still haunts her every day. Ever since then she lives her life by one dangerous rule which is "Nothing Matters" anymore.
Cover of the new young adult novel "The Lovely Reckless! by Kami GarciaAfter one inexcusable mistake, Frankie is kicked from her school and moves to live with her father who lives a life faraway from her privileged one so far. There, her life changes drastically, not only because her father is an undercover cop who leads a very dangerous life but also because her new public school isn't anything like her old.

Of course she then meets the new and good-looking boy, Marco Leone, who happens to be the fastest street racer in the Downs, the city district she lives in.
Will Frankie be able to bring past events to a close and make a new start? Will she risk everything she has left and follow her heart?

This Young Adult novel has been released on October 4th 2016 and is available at Amazon US and from what I gathered the ebook (chapter 1-5) is for free!

The cover of the new young adult novel "Nemesis" by Anna Banks. Nemesis - Anna Banks

In all of the five kindoms, Princess Sepora of Serubel is known to be the last real Forger. She used her powers as a source to povide energy for her kingdom, but her father has now found a way to use Sepora as a weapon. She escapes her imminent future by fleeing to the kingdom of Theoria, where her plans to hide are foiled by the young king who captures her.

Tarik, who is the new leader of Theoria, already has his hands full and doesn't need a new troublesome servant trying to catch his eye. He has to learn the hard way that Princess Sepora will not be ignored. When both finally meet in person, they form an unexpected bond that complicates life in ways neither of them could have even imagined. 

Sepora's gift might present itself as an advantage that has the ability to save Tarik’s kingdom, but should she risk exposing herself as well as her feelings for him?

Nemesis has been released on October 4th 2016 and is available on Amazon US in print and as an ebook

A lot of young adult books have been released in October 2016 and this is just a short presentation of two of them. Check out my Goodreads shelf (link in the sidebar) for more recommendations or inspiration.

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