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To-Read-List: Books for Autumn/Winter 2016

These are all the books I want and have to read in autumn and winter 2016There is a lot on my plate this autumn/winter season in regards to books. Some of them I have to read and most of them I want to read. I have been anticipating a few of them for a very long time and others just recently seated themselves on my plate. There is even a big variety of genres and authors which to me makes it all the more interesting and this is why I want to share my to-read-list with you.

To-Read-List / Autumn/Winter 2016

1. American Queen - Sierra Simone (published October 25th 2016)

This one looks really promising as does the cover and the synopsis sounds very interesting and right up my ally. I've never read anything by this author which makes this book all the more attractive. American Queen is going to be part of a trilogy and if you know me, you know I loooove book series because I always have a hard time saying goodbye to characters I really liked.
American Queen is available on Amazon US for 3,99$ and Amazon Germany for American Queen for 3,67€

2. Marriage Games - C.D. Reiss (published October 22nd 2016) 

”I had no idea who I’d married. Had I been stupid and na├»ve, or shrewd?”
If this doesn't sound intriguing than I don't know what does!?!
I found out about this book through a Goodreads review of one of the people I follow on there. I have to admit that I usually don't like stories that much in which the couple has already been together, or even been married for a long time. I don't know why that is but it might be due to the fact that I'm not married or in a relationship myself and therefore can't relate to their problems?! However this book really catched my interest and curiosity.
Marriage Games  is right now only available on Amazon/Germany for 3,99€

3. Mr. President - Katy Evans (published October 31th 2016)

This one is an upcoming romance book release and the synopsis already sounds soooo good. Reviewers that had the luck to receive an arc are mostly suprised, even shocked about this book in the best way possible. I wanna know soooo bad what this is all about...only three more days to wait. I think the date of publication for "Mr. President" could not have been chosen any better with the upcoming elections in the US. Well done Miss Evans!
Mr. President is available on Amazon US for 3,99$ and Amazon Germany Mr. President for 3,55€

Oh, and if you're wondering which books I didn't choose to read voluntarily....well let's say the educational system in Germany made this decision for me. I will have to read Macbeth and The Tempest by William Shakespeare for a seminar in uni. This is actually not bad at all because I really wanted to learn more about Shakespeare and his plays.

So, this sums up my current to-read list for autumn and winter 2016. I'm really excited to read them all and hopefully be able to provide you with lovely reviews. Until then I promise to keep you posted about my progress.

PS: If you want to see more of my to-read shelf then take a look at my Goodreads shelf.
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