Sunday, October 30, 2016

Romance author hits the nail on the head with release date around election day 2016

Katy Evans release of Mr. President

D-Day of the American elections 2016 in the US is near and so is the release date of the new romance novel by New York Times bestselling author Katy Evans. Whereas the presidential election leaves a rather foul taste in everyone's mouth, the novel arouses gleeful anticipation and hope of redemption for the disastrous campaign season.

“He is the man his father groomed and that a nation has waited for.” 

Evans latest romance novel Mr. President is about the fictional presidential candidate Matthew Hamilton who tries to court his childhood friend and campaign assistant, Charlotte Wells, all while running for president. This proves to be a challenge for both of them as their feelings and affections towards each other grow. Will Hamilton become president? Will he break Charlottes heart?

“They called him prince when his father was alive, now he’s about to take the king’s throne.” 

Evans says she didn't write the novel because of the upcoming elections but rather because she got inspired by John F. Kennedy Jr. whom she said would have made a great future president.
Even though she, at first, wasn't sure about the release date being around the time of election day, later decided to take that risk and just go for it.

The release date for Mr. President, which is part of the White House Duet duology, is set on October 31th 2016.

According to the Goodreads reviewers this romance novel has exceeded the expectations and if you want to know what I think about it then take a look at my Must-Reads for Autumn/Winter 2016 .

If this post sparked your interest and you want to know more about Katy Evans then click on her name or check out her books on Amazon.

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